Episode 3

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29th Aug 2023

Thank you for inspiring me!

A shout out to all the individuals who've been an inspiration for me in creating Asians Breaking Ceilings!

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[00:00] Trailer

[01:25] Encouragement to all - pursue your dream business!

[02:37] Thank you Ascend, Anna Mok, Buck Gee, Denise Peck

[03:36] Win Chang, OPAL founder at Oracle

[04:20] Jane Hyun, Author Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling

[05:00] Renessa Boyle Lane, my coach

[05:48] Brene Brown, TED Talk

[06:27] Hollywood: Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan

[07:50] To "all the little girls that look like me"


[00:00:22] We're going to teach you how to decide, create, and ask for what you want in your career without apology or guilt. I'll be sharing all the secrets I learned about how to transform from an overwhelmed people pleasing young girl who lost her confidence when she moved to America from Taiwan. Was shamed by her family by not going to med school and finally becoming the confident, happy, successful mom and entrepreneur that I am today.


[00:01:25] I can't believe that my podcast has launched because again, this has been at least 10 years in the making. I remember way back when I was still in corporate America thinking, I have a side hustle dream. And just like so many others of you, this is an encouragement for you to go and do what it is that you have on your mind to do, because the energy that I feel, the fulfillment, the impact in my life is so great.


[00:02:17] But this is a thank you episode for the groups, the people who have been so crucial in helping to launch this podcast. And first I want to thank Ascend, the API organization that is working to make it known and to bring communities together and to train.


[00:03:09] And not realizing that this is a cultural problem in terms of lack of representation at the executive level. So thank you so much for your work.


[00:03:28] And I thank you for the bravery that you've had in being inspirational to me and setting out in my own work.


[00:04:00] of community. And that is what I want to create. And that's the inspiration for me to be a beacon out here for people who do feel like they're alone and feel like they are not living up to their potential and having a place to go where we can support each other instead of competing with each other for positions.


[00:04:59] And I want to thank also Renessa Lane, who was one of my first coaches. She went through so much because I had imposter syndrome. Obviously I had imposter syndrome when I first started working in this area, wanting to be my own coach and, and doing talks and workshops.


[00:05:38] Big hugs. I know that was a divine. Matchmaking. That was a divine appointment for me to meet you, and I'm so grateful to you. I wanna thank some people who don't know me yet. , Brene Brown. I love your work. You're talk about vulnerability and not being ashamed anymore. Help me to come outta my shell and to get braver and braver so that as someone who grew up who was supposed to be a boy and didn't have confidence at all, instilled in her was so scared to even speak.


[00:06:27] And I want to thank a couple of. Actors and actresses who, I am so happy, I'm in my 50s now, and when I grew up in Illinois in the 1980s, all I knew was Connie Chung, there were a handful of Asian actors and actresses, but they were all in kung fu movies, or they played the Really stereotypical foreign exchange student that didn't build our confidence as teenagers and only got us laughed at in school.


[00:07:23] The imposter syndrome. Stop worrying about what people think. Go and do what you love to do. , finally, the push to, to get my podcast launched, though I've been taking notes and writing little segments for the last seven years, I finally got it done and I have you to thank. Although you're in Hollywood and I'm in corporate America, a different industry, what you do has inspired us and I hope that, as you said, Michelle, All the little girls who look like you can, can go out there and finally be themselves.


[00:08:16] So that is my hope. That is my prayer as we all move forward in this endeavor together that each of us would have the bravery, the courage, the conviction to finally go ahead and be who we are. Not pretend to be someone less than we are because of our cultural norms. And what a great generation this is going to be.


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Asians Breaking Ceilings
Building unapologetic confidence in AAPI women
Building unapologetic confidence in AAPI professionals

Through systematic training Jeanny, Founder of BambooMyth.com will outline step by step how to transform overwhelm and burnout to taking ownership of your leadership and career design. Tapping into her experience coaching over 300+ AAPI women and speaking at dozens of Fortune 500 companies, including Amazon, Uber, KPMG, Salesforce, and Cisco, she reveals the strategies needed to overcome ingrained cultural norms that have become a roadblock to greater success.

Many of us grew up with cultural norms like shaming, perfectionism, and filial piety that no longer serve us. We might look successful on the outside, but lack confidence to advocate for ourselves. We end up invisible and over-worked. That changes today. Jeanny will share with you how to finally unleash your confidence, how to speak up, and live your leadership potential in your career and life. Whether you want a promotion, new role, or the courage to start your side-hustle, you'll be empowered from within.

This podcast has been a decade in the making. It all started when I got Stage 2 breast cancer as a 40 year-old single mom and career woman. I had not 1, but 3 tumors and my doctor said it was stress-induced. She asked me why. I said, "I'm Asian." The amazing medical team saved my life and this was my wake-up call to start living differently. Over the next decade, I learned to stop burnout through managing self-doubt, constant guilt, and debilitating people-pleasing habits.

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BambooMyth.com Founder, coach & speaker, Jeanny Chai helps Asian American women find their worth from within and “Live Their Leadership Potential” by reframing the cultural priorities that have been given to us. She believes that breaking through the Bamboo Ceiling is an internal quest and only by thinking differently that we can create a new norm. She has been invited to speak at companies including Salesforce, Oracle, KPMG, HP and has been featured in Fortune Magazine, NBC News, and USA Today.

Drawing from powerful personal experiences that include “shaming” her family by not attending medical school after graduating from Stanford, raising four children and becoming known as a successful business development professional in Silicon Valley, Jeanny has devoted herself to helping Asian Americans find their confidence from within.
It took Jeanny 3 breast cancer tumors and a divorce to come into the realization of how she could flourish, and she is dedicated to saving other women the pain of having to go through great adversity to reach the point of personal transformation.

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